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April 28th, 2018

“RECALL CONFERENCE FOR MEN is An Unbiased, City-Centre conference for the urbane Man aged 20-45 years.

It is a deliberate invasion of the norm and seeks to mobilize, inspire and empower ‘The African Man’ as an entity able to provide applied solutions to Africa’s challenges and develop insight on pressing issues thereby shaping culture and impacting the course of history.

The one-day live conference is targeted at providing the African man living in today’s urbane, competitive and demanding society with insights and practical tools to enable him meet his evolving world with intention, clarity and a deep sense of tenacity.”

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“Youth energy is a promise for the Nigerian economy”; ours is to provide them with tools to find their authentic expression, which is very critical for collective economic value.

Campus intervention is a deliberate attempt by the Yetunde Bernard Company to inspire the minds and build a critical mass of young people who can become people of strength, character and purpose to make the most important decisions and contributions to the socio-economic and political renaissance of our country.
It is going to be an invasion of the norm!

Coming to your campus in 2017!
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Self Reflection is crucial to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone is either at a beginning or a new beginning, starting or restarting. This is not limited to any particular area of life; Career, Relationships, Personal development, the list is endless. It is the ‘How far, So far; Now what?’ moment of our lives.

“YOU NOW” is a free monthly, 2 hour workshop (by invitation only) facilitated by the identity coach, Yetunde Bankole-Bernard in a relaxed atmosphere. It promises to be a time of refreshing as you will be immersed in the ‘Recall’ experience, learn how to question your perceptions, gain understanding of your realities and receive a boost in reaching for your ‘Next Self’